Light of Universe

Heavenly world

Heavenly world

To find peace, I usually go on terrace where we find such a beautiful sky you can look to it for hours. Sometimes I wonder why this atmosphere was made transparent with this design? It could have been blue, green, yellow, translucent type but why not? It was made like that so that we can feel the presence of universe, the heavenly bodies that exist in Universe, those beautiful stars that gives hope to us.

But then again every night I go to terrace I see stars, why? Why was it so necessary for nature to make us feel Presence of them every night? What if they appear once in one year? I feel, if that happens, how would men believe and adore them, those beautiful moments that give you feel of Universe.

Those envoys of beauty comes out every night and light the universe with their  admonishing smile, creating a kindred impressing to your open mind.

 I would end with  ‘Go, speed the stars of Thought’.



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